15 April 2007

Shiny happy brass

Click the image and look closely at the full-size version for a while.

I made this image of the bell of a tuba while we were waiting for Michael's band to do their thing at the Australian Nationals, they came a very commendable 3rd in B-grade as it turns out. (And if I understand the tallies correctly, an extra 2 points in the march could have made them equal-first!)

Anyway I just like the bell's layers of reflections of itself, and the band lined up on the right. How many Bens are there in the image?

And a couple more from the day:

Chuck's blog

Chuck's blog Lounge of the Lab Lemming is excellent, I wish I'd known earlier that he had one. My blog won't be nearly as intelligent or well-written, so I recommend you go read his instead.

My congratulations to Mr and Mrs Lemming - I can't wait to meet the new arrival, and I'm very jealous that Sal picked the right weekend to be in Canberra. I look forward to more photos, and to Chuck's musings on parenthood.

This blog

This is my blog. It's called benwilliamson so that I can remember the URL. This blog is for my benefit, but you're welcome to read it too.